Message from Minister of Tourism, Government of Punjab

”Punjab has all the ingredients to become a popular destination for domestic as well as foreign tourists. The province has an ancient civilization dating back to five thousand years and modern cities with a good level of infrastructure for comfortable living. It has diverse landscapes from desert and fertile plains to potowar plateau and foothills of Himalyan range. We have historical buildings, living and thriving culture and very friendly and welcoming people.

It gives me great pleasure that several initiatives are being taken in Punjab for promotion of tourism that will go a long way in the promotion of tourism in Punjab."

Muhammad Taimoor Khan,
Minister for Tourism,
Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

Message from Chairman Board of Directors, TDCP

"Punjab has all elements of becoming a destination of choice for tourists owing to its historical monuments, cultural diversity and hospitable people. Through development and management of well-articulated policies, product projection, marketing strategies and public-private partnerships, the tourism sector in Punjab will contribute to the over-all socio-economic development of Pakistan.

To achieve these objectives, Government of Punjab is in the process of formulating its Tourism Policy. In the light of this policy, the Government will develop Punjab tourism as a hub of high quality facilities and services i.e. cultural assets, recreational sites, arts and crafts, music, transportation, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops and products. Not only will tourism serve economies of various allied sectors in the province, it will also serve as a key driver for job creation, human resource development, youth participation, earning foreign exchange, attracting investment and sharing of benefits with local communities. Punjab will further improve its close interaction with other provinces and mutual cooperation will be increased by regular inter-provincial consultations on tourism.

International marketing efforts for tourism promotion will be beefed up to create awareness about Pakistan through foreign missions and participation in international tourism conferences and expos to portray a soft image of the country.”

Dr. Sohail Zafar Cheema
Chairman BOD


Message from Secretary for Toursim

"The Tourism Industry is a promising and ever growing field around the world. We, in TDCP Punjab, continue to realize its enormous potential and strive to provide you the best of our services and endeavor to upgrade, enhance and innovate for you to enjoy the most out of your planned holiday outings. Our various projects promise a lot of adventure, experience and fanfare and our future projects will simply charm your desire to see around our beautiful landscapes, history and culture."

Ehsan Bhutta,
Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports,
Archaeology & Tourism Department,

Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

Message from Managing Director

“Change is an innate aspect of our life and-without embracing change we as humans stop progressing. Tourism, whether an overnight stay or a family adventure, provides a temporary change to daily life which has a lasting impact. This impact is brought about by the fusion of recreation and culture which help promote understanding, love and acceptance.

Punjab – the Land of Five Rivers - is not only the most populous and most fertile province of Pakistan but also contains a glorious heritage.  It is home to the magnificent Mughal architecture of 16th and 17th centuries as well as cradle of Indus Valley and Buddhist civilizations.  Founder of Sikhism was born here and the region houses around a dozen important Sikh sites. The Salt range, Patriata Chairlift & Cable Car, and Desert Jeep Rally are other big tourist attractions in the Punjab province.

The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) is playing a vital role in the promotion of Tourism industry by running several resorts and motels throughout Punjab and providing comprehensive tourist services through our TICs (Tourist Information Centers) and Tour Packages. We are also imparting hospitality training to fill the gap of skilled manpower in this industry.

I invite you to visit the incredible sites, embrace change, make a difference and let TDCP be your host and guide you in experiencing your cherished memories."

Muhammad Tanveer Jabbar,
Managing Director,
Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab,