Ongoing Projects

1. Development of Resort for Religious Tourism at Nankana Sahib

Nankna Sahib is located about 80 kilometers south west of Lahore. The proposed project will be constructed to cater the needs of Sikh Yatrees / tourists from world over and the local pilgrimage. The project will have Information Center, accommodation for pilgrimage/visitors and restaurant.  

2. Development of Bansara Gali Surface Parking into Eco-friendly Entertainment Park.

The Bansara Gali is 12km from Murree .The surfacing parking was constructed initially to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and to cater parking needs at Murree. The project has been handed over to TDCP in 2016 to develop the facility into Eco-friendly Entertainment Park. Upon Completion the project will have information Center ,Amphitheater,  BBQ Courts, Restaurant ,Souvenir Shop, Climbing Wall, Bonfire Area, Archery.

3. Development of Resort at Charehan, Murree

Charehan is located 12km before Murree  on old route .The Charehan Forest Rest House was badly damaged during 2005 earthquake .The project has been handed over to TDCP in 2106 to develop Resort for promotion of tourism .The project will have accommodation facility to cater tourists needs.

4. Development of Eco Tourism in Soon Valley at Khabekhi and Uchali Lake, Khushab

The Soon Valley is in the north west of Khushab District. It is adjacent to Salt Range and Potohar Plateau. The valley extends from the village of Padhrar to Sakesar, the highest peak in the Salt Range. The valley is 35 miles (56 km) long and has an average width of 9 miles (14 km). It covers a 300-square-mile (780 km sq) area. Soon Valley has much scenic beauty, with lakes ( Khabbeki, Uchalli and Jahlar), waterfalls, jungle, natural pools and ponds.

Mian Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, MNA took an initiative for the preservation, development and beautification of Soon Valley known for its natural beauty. Soon Valley provides a unique sanctuary for a variety of migratory birds in winters. 

Scope of the work comprised on the development of Tourist Information Centers, Chalets at Uchali Lake. Construction of Restaurant at Khabeki Lake, Board walks , Gazeboes Picnic Tables and maintenance of Boating Jetties Roads. Development of camping site and restoration of Kenhati Garden Rest House.

5. Renovation and Beautification of Lake at Kallar Kahar

Kallar Kahar is about 245 Kilometers from Lahore on M2 motorway, and approximately 135 Kilometers from Islamabad which makes it an ideal excursion from both cities. Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab has developed a beautiful resort in Kalar Kahar. Renovation and beautification of Kallar Kahar Lake include improvement of gates, walls, parking, Jetty Pathways, Jetty Platform along with seating facilities, Ticketing / Guard Booth, Soft Lighting, renovation of Park etc.