Patriata Chairlift and Cable Car Murree

TDCP Resort at Patriata, also called Gulehra Gali, is a quiet retreat at the highest point of Murree Hills which consequently is the highest point of Punjab as well. Patriata offers a breathtaking landscape. High forested ridges and deep intersecting valleys with terraced slopes offer magnificent views of this naturally beautiful area. TDCP Chairlift and Cable Car provides a fascinating and memorable experience among panoramic scenery and thrilling rides.

How to Get there

Patriata is located to the west of the Jhelum river, 59 kms south east of Islamabad and about 20 kms south east of Murree. Road access to Patriata from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is along one of two routes via the faster and better Express Way, or through old Murre Road, Lower Topa and Jheeka Gali.

Timings to Visit

Summer : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, June to September

Winter : 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, October to May

Ticket Price

Above 5 years age: Rs. 700/- for Chairlift & Cable Car Ride

Salient Features:

Accessible from Express Way, Unique opportunity to ride on Chairlift & Cable Car System, Horse Rides, Restaurant, Kids Entertainment, Trekking Pathways, Shopping Area, Parking Area.