Study Tours

—Youth Tourism Wing (YTW) of TDCP is actively engaged to develop and promote tourism in the national context to attract tourists to our historical and cultural heritage and to provide entertainment/recreation.

This spread benefits of tourism to the people with ultimate aim of helping to develop the economy for employment creation, poverty reduction, bring awareness, equitable distribution of benefits and image building of the country.

Some of the tours offered to educational institutions and youth groups are;

a) Day Trip to Rohtas Fort & Mangla

b) Day trip to Salt Mines, Katas & Kallar Kahar

c) Day trip to Changa Managa

d) Day Trip to Rawal Dam, Khanpur Dam and Taxila

e) Picnic Party at Mitchell’s Fruit Farms

f) Picnic Party at Strawberry Farm (From Jan-to April)

g) Day Trip to Tomb of Shahb-ud-Din Ghouri & Lehri Nature Park

h) Day trip to Soon Sakasar vellay

i) Day trip to Hiran Minar-Sheikhupura & tomb of Waris Shah

j) Day trip to Head Baloki & Rana Hunting Farm