Lahore City Tour

City of Gardens and Historical Monuments - Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan with a population of more than 10 million. Being the cultural, historical and art center of Pakistan, this beautiful city features marvelous sights for visitors who love sightseeing. Take our guided tours and avail the opportunity to explore the city's treasures.


Start at 09.00 AM -  Duration 04-05 hours

BADSHAHI MOSQUE (Built in 1673)

Considered the world's largest living, historical mosque, this Islamic Worship centre was constructed using an attractive blend of white marble and red sand stone. The poet- phillospher "Iqbal" is buried at its footsteps.

LAHORE FORT (Built in 1566 to 1673)

This is a marvel of Mughal architecture with its fabulous Shish Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) and superbly preserved Hall of Special and Common audience. Also experience the pleasure of walking through Pakistan’s only surviving Elephant -steps.

JEHANGIR'S TOMB (Built in 1673)

Presenting a matchless display of mosaics and inlays, the tomb of the fourth Mughal Emperor is set magnificently in the clam surroundings of symmetrical gardens. An old travelers's motel leads to the stately entrance of the tomb.

LAHORE MUSEUM (Established in 1864)

Displaying a complete cross- section of the culture and history of the region with rare manuscripts miniatures, Islamic calligraphy, contemporary arts and crafts. Pakistan's finest museum also contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art from the Gandhara period.


Start at 02.30 PM -  Duration: 03-04 hours

SHALIMAR GARDENS (Created in 1641)

"Shalimar" means "the place of Love and Happiness". with its triple - terraced gardens decorated with marble of pavilions, this is one of the world's finest Persian style gardens, laid down by Emprorer Shah Jahan

OLD CITY (Built during 16th Century A.D)

Walled area, accessible through 12 gates, is certainly the highlight of Lahore. This fascinating area is a maze of interconnecting alleys and multistoried houses. Let us walk through its picturesque and crowded bazaars.