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Murree is Pakistan’s most developed and popular hill station located at an altitude of 6000-7000 feet above sea level. At an hour drive from Islamabad along a good quality, winding alpine road, it is crowded by visitors all year round. The scenery is superb, climate cool in summers and crispy cold in winters.

When the British annexed Punjab in 1849, they soon decided to establish a hill station at Murree conveniently located near the important military cantonment of Rawalpindi. It was actually founded in 1851 on pastureland of a ridge and developed quickly. Today Murre is Punjab’s leading hill station attracting domestic and foreign visitors. The long Summer days are ideal for lazy strolls between Kashmir and Pindi points.

There are Gallies around Murree covered with thick pine forests. Gulehra Gali, also called Patriata, is most enjoyable place about 20 km beyond Murre where TDCP Chairlift and Sky Ride provides a fascinating and memorable experience among panoramic scenery and thrilling rides.

KHEWRA SALT MINES –  Nature’s Wonder Land

World’s 2nd largest Salt Mines are located in Punjab province, accessible via M-2 motorway about 260 km from Lahore and 160 km from Islamabad. Khewra City is also known as The Kingdom of Salt because of rock salt which is 98% pure and natural source of Salt in Pakistan. The place is a geologist’s dream with a rich variety of minerals and rocks. The Salt Mines extend from River Jehlum to Indus, covering an area of around 250 square kilometers. Interestingly,  salt existence was discovered by Alexander’s horses during 326 BC. Later Mughals mined salt from here on commercial scale, and the British further systemized mining process by establishing a railway line. Now we have many attractions for visitors inside including Salt Minaret, salt Mosque, Salt Palace, Asthma Hospital, etc which are accessible either by foot or through a mini train ride. Also a souvenir shop houses rock salt objects for sale.

KALLAR KAHAR – Valley of Peacocks

Among Pakistan’s innumerable glories, is the Kallar Kahar Lake, located in Chakwal district of Punjab. Situated on the brink of M2 motorway, it is an easily accessible tourist attraction both from Lahore (224 km) and from Islamabad (156 km). It is famous for its natural gardens, dancing peacocks, spiritual sites and a salt water lake.

If you want to watch dancing wild peacocks then you have to visit Kallar Kahar. You will have to get up early in morning - at least one hour before the sunrise - and have to go to the famous shrine of sufi saints Ahoo Bahoo (Syed Pir Muhammed Ishaq & Pir Muhammed Yaqoob) in Kallar Kahar. There you can watch dozens of Peacocks coming at shrine showing their gratitude and leaving before the visitors come. Peacocks rarely come at day time due to rush of visitors there. The spectacular wild peacocks come to shrine early morning and go back to jungle for the day time. From shrine you can watch the whole Kallar Kahar valley as it is on the top of hills. The town is in the valley and there is a beautiful salt water lake in front of the mountain.

CHANGA MANGA – Largest Man made Forest

Changa Manga is about 70 kms from Lahore where attractions include an artificial lake, and a miniature railway which winds its way through its forest. Changa Manga has 12,510 acres of plantations. It is a popular picnic spot spread over 50 acres with a TDCP Resort, motorboats, children's park, and ample opportunities for outdoor sports. The TDCP Resort here has been recently upgraded for tourist facilitation.

HIRAN MINAR – Emperor Jahangir’s Favorite Hunting Place

Hiran Minar is set in peaceful environs about 45 km from Lahore. It is a beautiful picnic as well as a historic spot.. It used to be favorite hunting spot of all Muslim kings, especially of Moghals. Jehangir built a minaret here to commemorate the death of his pet deer (Maans Raaj). It served a double purpose as from it top the hunters could locate the habitations of deers. A high Bara Dari is constructed right in middle of a pond. A man made big lake, boating facility is also available. A good garden lay out is surrounding the place.

FORT MUNRO – A Tranquil Hill Resort in Southern Punjab

Fort Munro is the only hill station located in Southern Punjab located at the foothills of Suleiman range near the junction of Punjab and Balauchistan provinces. Named after a British administrator, Col Munro, the Deputy Commissioner of that time, the hill station is about 6,400 feet above sea level and is accessible through an interesting winding drive amidst panoramic but barren landscape. TDCP resort here offers reasonable accommodation in good cool environment to take a retreat during Summer waves. Around you may also have leisure walks to a number of interesting sites and enjoy starry nights.