Nankana Sahib

Nankana sahib, located about 85 km from Lahore, is an important Sikh pilgrim site being the birth place of Sikh Guru Nanak Jee. Thousands of Sikh Pilgrims from India and other countries devotedly visit this holy site. To facilitate Sikh yatrees (visitors) being a great source of religius tourism, adequately in future, TDCP has established a landmark resort at Nankana Sahib. This will help to promote harmony, love, peace, trade promotion, cultural exchange & tourism with Sikh Diaspora as the most sacred places of Sikh religion fall in province of Punjab. The resort has following facilities:-

  • Motel consisting of 20 rooms (16 rooms for double bed & 4 rooms for 4 beds each)
  • Entrance lobby
  • Facilitation center / tourism information center
  • Conference/Committee Room
  • Big veranda
  • Boundary wall
  • Restaurant consisting of dining hall, washrooms, office etc.
  • Commercial hub consisting of 6 to 8 souvenir shops.
  • Parking area.
  • Staff residences block for manager and lower staff.