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Lake Kalarkahar
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Kallar Kahar is a subdivision of Chakwal District in Punjab. It is famous for its natural gardens, peacocks and a salty lake.

The main attraction of the eastern Salt Range are the shrine of Saidan Shah at Choa Saidan Shah, the lake and shrine of Abdul Qadir Gilani at Kallar Kahar and the Hindu Temple Complex at Katas. Kallar Kahar is located at a distance of 135 km from Rawalpindi. The Temple of Shiva at Katas (10th century AD) and other temples around Katas are valuable pieces of architecture and history.

How to get there
Kalar Kahar is accessible from Lahore-Rawalpindi Motorway and is located 25 kilometres southwest of Chakwal along the motorway.

The TDCP has built a six-room motel and restaurant overlooking Kallar Kahar (Salt Lake) with boating facilities.


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