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Patriata is a quiet retreat at the highest point of Murree Hills which consequently is the highest point of Punjab as well. Patriata has a breathtaking landscape. High forested ridges and deep intersecting valleys with terraced slopes offer magnificent views of this naturally beautiful area.

 How to get there
Patriata is located to the west of the Jhelum river, 59 kms south east of Islamabad and is less than 26 kms south east of Murree. Road access to Patriata from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is along one of two routes via Karor and Ban, or via the busier, but better Murree Road through Lower Topa and Gulera Gali.

Visitors to this area take pleasure in a breathtaking panoramic view in an area unmarred by over commercialization. At the same time fully equipped facilities for its visitors are provided.  It was named during British rule ‘little England’ after which oak and chestnut trees were planted.

One of the thrilling features of Patriata is the dual chair lift and cable car system from Gulera Gali to Patriata ridge. This dual system incorporates a chair lift from Gulera Gali to Patriata Bazar, from here at the midpoint, pedestrians transfer from the chair lift to an enclosed cable car(gondola) from an elevated platform, traveling onward from Patriata ridge, a- distance of 3.1 km. Gondola cable cars made their appearance here, for the first time in Pakistan. Gondola cable cars are designed to give passengers a panoramic view without blind spots while incorporating all possible safety features.

 Nestled in the shade of those mature trees planted so long ago is the Tourism Development Cooperation of Punjab Resort.  Here is a place you can relax and enjoy tranquility, in peace and privacy, and in complete harmony with nature. The chestnut trees provide an ideal picnic spot with the valley below deep and irregular. Patriata also has thickly wooded pines and side facilities with snack bars.


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