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Nandana Fort
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Nandana Fort is situated on a hilltop near Baghanwala some 22 Kilometers east of Pind Dadan Khan. It first finds a mention in the time of Mehmood Ghaznavi who in 1008 A.D. conquered it. Nandana, located 14 miles west of Choa Saidan Shah in Salt Range, is a place of historical interest where extensive ruins of a fort and a town - temple is present. Nandana once had such a strategic location at the entrance to the Salt Range that a strong fortress was built to guard it. The remains of that fort are now completely smothered by the rank vegetation of the hill.  Nandana Fort is located on the original route taken by all the famous invaders of the subcontinent. Alexander the Great came this way from Taxila before descending to Jhelum for his battle with Porus.

Al-Beruni (973-1053 AD), the celebrated traveler, historian, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and scientist, came to the subcontinent in the period of Mehmood of Ghazni during 11th century. It was at Nandana, that he measured the circumference of the earth.

Getting There
Nandana can be reached from Lahore - Islamabad Motorway (M-2) through Kallar Kahar exit.


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